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We only work with the best and highest-grade hair, which is procured all over the world in adherence with strict ethical principles.

Intricate and laborious sorting and refinement processes are used to produce human hair lengthening and thickening products with the brilliant natural shine, elasticity and bounce, characterizing real Hairdreams hair.

The three hair qualities “5 Star” and “7 Star” and “Imperial” live up to even the highest expectations of stylists and end clients. Our top qualities “7 Star” and “Imperial” hair remains unsurpassed in quality and is known for its legendary reputation among top-stylists all over the world.


Hairdreams 5 STAR Hair is made from selected dark 100% real human hair.

The hair is lightened using an elaborate 24-hour process and then colored until the desired shade is attained.


  • Top-quality, brilliant hair with amazing elasticity, a natural feel as well as comfortable and natural wearing comfort.

  • Suitable for all types of hair lengthening 

  • Tapered by max. 10cm/ 4 in

  • Wearing period of 4 to 6 months

The HAIRDREAMS 5 STAR QUALITY can be identified by the 5 STAR guarantee card.


Hairdreams 7 STAR Hair is made from especially high-grade 100% real human hair of European type and with natural color shades ranging from black to blond.

This hair is hand-selected and hand-sorted according to color. The hair may be adjusted by a maximum of one shade to match the desired color.


  • Best possible Hairdreams legendary hair quality with brilliant natural shine and unsurpassed wearing comfort.

  • Suitable for all types of hair lengthening and thickening even for the highest of expectations!

  • Minimally tapered; max. 5 cm/ 2 in

  • Wearing period of 4-6 months.

The HAIRDREAMS 7 STAR  QUALITY can be identified by the 7 STAR  QUALITY guarantee card.


"Hairdreams Imperial" Hair is extremely rare, hand-selected 100% real human hair of unparalleled quality. Not even the legendary Hairdreams 7 Star Quality can match this quality grade.  Hairdreams IMPERIAL Hair is simply the very best in the world!

Each of these hairs is examined for small flaws and damages of the cuticle. The Imperial hair is hand-selected with extremely demanding precision (only 1-2% of the raw hair meets the criteria).


  • 100% precious human hair of European type.

  • Naturally the perfect color. Hence they don’t have to be colored or toned. 

  • Preserved with a novel method of “surface sealing“ with Nano technology and proven formulations, that have already been used during empress Sisi’s times. 

  • Hairdreams Imperial Hair keeps its natural healthy, silky shine and bounce – as perfect as on the first day!

How did this Imperial Hair Quality came about?

The stylists of the Hairdreams Couture Salons in Vienna and Singapore revealed the secret of beautiful , healthy, shiny hair of royalties in Europe and Asia. With their knowledge they came to Hairdreams  the best supplier of human hair to help with marketing their knowledge. Based on these research results, Hairdreams now produces the exclusive IMPERIAL HAIR QUALITY, which is only available at the  Hairdreams Couture Salons

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